Ordering and delivery

  1. Ordering products is possible in the following ways:

    1. on-line - through the online store: www.factorydesign.art,

    2. through email under the address: zamowienia@factorydesign.art,

    3. by phone: +48515380817

    To complete your order, you must fill the form on the online store page correctly.

  2. Customer order must be confirmed by the Dealer. The dealer acknowledges the order by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by Customer within 2 business days of submission.

  3. Customer is entitled to make changes to the order or cancel it until the Dealer confirms acceptance of the order.

  4. If it is impossible to confirm the order due to Customer's fault, in particular due to incorrect Customer contact information (e.g. telephone number or email address), the order will be canceled within 3 business days.

  5. The order processing time for any product is defined on the Online Store page.

  6. Couriers delivers orders according to their own pricing to the address provided by the


  7. Delivery of the Product does not include bringing the Product into your home, so

    ensure that you have sufficient resources to bring the Product to your final destination.

  8. Upon receiving the delivery please pay particular attention to the condition of the

    package you received. If the package is damaged, please write down the protocol in the presence of a courier. Failure to draw up a report may result in the complaint being rejected.


  1. The Dealer's responsibilities to Customer if the Product sold has a physical or legal defect (warranty) are determined by applicable law, in particular the Civil Code.

  2. The dealer is bound to deliver the product to the customer without any defects.

  3. A complaint may be filed:

    1. in writing to the following address: FactoryDesign ul. 11 Listopada 2/4, 42 – 400 Zawiercie

    2. electronically via email to the address: reklamacje@factorydesign.art

    3. za pośrednictwem formularza na stronie Sklepu Internetowego

  4. The claim description should contain: details and circumstances concerning the

    product, especially nature and date of defect occurrence; preferred method of restoring product’s compliance to the sales contract or declaration of price reduction or withdrawal from the sales contract; and contact information.

  5. The Dealer shall respond to the Customer's claim as soon as possible, within 14 calendar days of the date of submission of the claim. Failure of the Dealer to respond within this period means that the Dealer found the claim to be justified.

  6. In the event that, in order for the dealer to respond to the customer’s claim, or to fulfill customer’s warranty rights, it will be necessary to provide the Product to the Dealer, the Customer will be asked by the Dealer to provide the Product at the Dealer's expense to 11 Listopada 2/4, 42- 400 Zawiercie.However, if due to the nature of the defect, kind of the Productor the way it is mounted, it is impossible or excessively difficult to deliver the product, the customer shall be asked to make the product available, upon prior time agreement, at the place where it is located.

  7. The product delivery request referred to in Section 6, shall not affect the Dealer's time response to the Customer's claim, and shall not prejudice the Customer's right to request the Dealer to remove the defective product and to reinstall the repaired product.

To retrieve:

  1. Withdrawal from the sales contract form

  2. Product return form

  3. claim form