Glass partition - Small windows


(zł1,105.77 / m2)

VAT included

Do you want to divide your room space effectively? Our glass partition is a perfect solution

Our glass partition is perfect for dividing your room into smaller areas.
It's a fantastic idea for home, office, hotel or restaurant design.
Thanks to the glass filling, our partition doesn't reduce space in your room,
only makes it remarkable and unusual

The standard version is made of black steel metallurgical products.
The filling is made of 4mm glass (frosted or tempered glass can be used on a client's request)
There are two verssions of the partition - one with many astragals and one with few astragals.

The size of the partition visable on the picture is 2

The price is for

Height: 200cm
Width: 100cm
Depth: 5cm

Price of this standard partition is: 2*1105,7zł=2211,54zł

Any partition has to be anchored to a wall upon installation

If you are interested in a different size, colour or a partition with doors,
email us:

Ready product may have some after-effects from the production process or
due to the technology of connection elements (welding)

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